What is the father name of lord Ram | Who was the father of Lord Ram

By Ved Prakash N | Oct 08, 2023 | Ram ji - Treta Yuga
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What is the Father name of lord Ram (Hindi: Bhagwan Ram ke pita ka kya naam tha) ?

Who was the father of Lord Ram

Answer: Dasharath ( दशरथ ) was the father of Lord Ram.

  1. Dasharath was the father of Lord Ram.
  2. Dasharatha is described in the Hindu Epic, Ramayana, and Vishnu Purana as the king of the Kosala Kingdom.
  3. Ayodhya was the capital of his kingdom.
  4. King Dasharatha had 3 wives – Kausalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi.
  5. King Dasharatha had 4 sons, Ram, Bharat, Laksman, and Shatrughna.

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