jQuery Tutorial

jQuery Tutorial

Before getting started, here are few reasons why you should learn jquery : 

1.jQuery is fast.

2.jQuery is a simple way of performing tasks which are accomplished using JavaScript.

3.jQuery is simple, easy to use and very easy to learn when compared to JavaScript.

4.jQuery has smaller codes unlike the lengthy ones in JavaScript.

jQuery is a simplified JavaScript library. The purpose of jQuery is to use JavaScript in a simple and light-weight way on your website. jQuery performs a bundle of tasks that require many lines of JavaScript code to execute and makes them into methods that you can call with one line of code.

jQuery is used for dynamic performance of a website.

For example :

You can fetch data from database without reloading your webpage.

Real life example :

On a Shopping site, When you increase the quantity of a product, the price changes as soon as you increase/decrease the quantity (without reloading the page). This can be achieved with jQuery.