Django 3.x

What is Django?

Django is a python Web framework. A framework software is used for creating applications.

Why do we use it?

We use frameworks because it saves lot of time of the developers and it helps in writing clean code. In short, you don't create an application from the scratch like you do in core language.

How does Django work?

Basically any web framework like Laravel, Codeigniter, etc are MVC based frameworks. They work on Model-View-Controller basis.

But Django is little different from other frameworks. It works on MVT i.e. Model View Template basis.

Working of Django

Django framework is easy to understand if you have a some understanding of any MVC frameworks.

Django will first take the url requested in the web browser and search that url in the "".

Let's take an example:

if you type "/login" URL, you have to write this in the file of your project. You have to write a function corresponding to each url. Now in that function we have to write the code and redirect it to any template you wish.

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