Creating Admin Interface in Django

How to create admin panel in django?

What is an admin interface ?

Admin interface is an interface where the admin can view all the statistics of the application, such as total number of users, total number of products, etc.

Admin Interface is also known as Admin Panel.

Create admin panel in django.

In django, to create admin interface type the following command :

$ python createsuperuser

The terminal will ask for a username, enter the username.

Enter your email address.

Then enter a password that satisfies all the following conditions : 

  • This password should not be too short.
  • It must contain at least 8 characters.
  • The password should not be too common (Eg: 12345678).
  • The password should not be totally numerical.

Hint : When you enter the password, the terminal will not show any changes. Type your password and press enter and again type the same password for the confirm password.

After doing the above successfully, the terminal will show a success message like:

Superuser created successfully.

Now run your project with the python runserver command and open your web browser. Go to the path http://localhost:8000/admin/ and enter the username and password we created above. You will see the groups and the users table in the admin panel. You can add users and groups directly from the admin panel itself.

You will be able to see all the migrations and table that you create in the admin panel. You can perform the basic operations like create, view (read), update, delete.(CRUD)