How to fetch/retrieve data from database in Laravel 8

How to fetch/retrieve data from database in Laravel 8

In this post, you will learn how to retrieve data from database in laravel where we will be using Bootstrap 5 version to design the user interface which is to design the HTML table to display the IMAGE and DATA from database using eloquent model in laravel.

So before getting started, Create a new laravel project and give the Database Connection in .env file.

Step 1: To fetch the data from database you have been already created a Model and Migration and a Controller in laravel application: 

So now, we need to insert/add few data into database in laravel. Click me: How to Insert data in laravel .after inserting your data then we have to follow with STEP 2.

Step 2: Give a route to call the function in your controller for calling the page in the following path: routes/web.php as follows:


use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Route;
use App\Http\Controllers\StudentController;

Route::get('students', [StudentController::class'index']);

Step 3: Let's go to the controller in the following path : app/Http/Controllers/StudentController.php file.


namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use App\Models\Student;
use Illuminate\Http\Request;

class StudentController extends Controller
    public function index()
        $student = Student::all();
        return view('student.index'compact('student'));

Step 4: Create a blade file named index.blade.php inside student folder as the following path: resources/views/student/index.blade.php file as follows:



<div class="container">
    <div class="row">
        <div class="col-md-12">
            <div class="card">
                <div class="card-header">
                    <h4>How to Fetch data in Laravel 8</h4>
                <div class="card-body">

                    <table class="table table-bordered table-striped">
                            @foreach ($student as $item)
                                <td>{{ $item->id }}</td>
                                <td>{{ $item->name }}</td>
                                <td>{{ $item->email }}</td>
                                <td>{{ $item->course }}</td>
                                <td>{{ $item->section }}</td>
                                    <a href="" class="btn btn-primary btn-sm">Edit</a>
                                    <a href="" class="btn btn-danger btn-sm">Delete</a>



Now, you can successfully run the application by the following command:

$ php artisan serve

now lets go to the browser at the link: http://localhost:8000/students

Thanks for reading...

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